Penetration Testing

Know your technical risk

Uncover hidden technical vulnerabilities in your technology, processes, and physical locations through expert penetration testing services.
Web App & API

Test your custom web apps, and the APIs they leverage. Whether it's GQL, Rest, or React - uncover flaws and increase resilience.


Clouds are becoming more and more complex as trust boundaries expand, data stores increase and our reliance on cloud grows.


How would a local threat actor infiltrate your building? And what data can they access? We leverage proven methods for identifying physical risk, and provide pragmatic, solutions.  

Red Team

You want to see how a threat actor would target your organization and achieve its goals. Or Purple Team to upscale your response capabilities through targeted actions.


Your network and connected devices can pose a significant risk to the business. Get visibility and take action to remove risks that lie there.


Your ChatBot might have access to your proprietary data. Could it cause harm to other systems or leak data?

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Our Approach

 At Adversis, our assessments exceed industry-standards such as the OWASP Top Ten, identifying evasive security issues - particularly business logic flaws.

Our examination ensures comprehensive coverage of potential vulnerabilities, communicated in plain English.


1. Define the problem and scope
2. Agree on timelines and costs
3. We perform world-class work and stay in touch with regular communication
4. You get clear debriefs and deliverables
5. We retest vulnerabilities if needed

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We're hackers that put the business first. Our team has served strategic roles at many of the brands and organizations you've heard of.

What we do

Your business should run efficiently, and we know the role cybersecurity plays in that. We develop strategic initiatives, leading to pragmatic solutions.
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