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Personable people with domain expertise help define a path forward, manage a project, or engineering the solution. Or, all of the above.
Pragmatic Solutions

At Adversis, our approach to pragmatic solutions involves delivering clear, actionable, and effective strategies tailored to each client's business's unique needs and constraints. Appropriate risk management requires accurate models and meaningful measurements; of which the Adversis team is well-calibrated.

Business Resiliency

Our business resiliency tenet centers on preparing organizations to withstand and rapidly recover from security incidents while maintaining continuous business operations.

Software Security Consulting answers the question: How do we ensure the software we build is secure? What can we do to make sure our developers have the right tools to build secure code? 

Compliance Advisory answers the question: What regulatory requirements does my application/business/customer have, and what do I need to do to reduce my risk due to noncompliance?

M&A Advisory answers the question: What risk does this merger activity introduce to my business, or how can I execute a successful merger from a technology and cyber risk perspective?

Organizational Excellence consulting answers the question: How do we improve our cybersecurity program, and how do we know we’re improving?

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Our Approach

Most of our customers want consultants that can get in the trenches with them. That's why we focus on results, not on how many meetings we can schedule, or how pretty the project proposal looks (though you'll like those, too). We look at this as solving problems for our clients.


1. Together we define the problem
2. Agree on timelines and cost estimates
3. Lines of communications open up to the right members of your team.
Our team acts as an extension of yours: collaboratively getting stuff done, clearly communicating, and delivering results.

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Who we are

We're hackers that put the business first. Our team has served strategic roles at many of the brands and organizations you've heard of.

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Your business should run efficiently, and we know the role cybersecurity plays in that. We develop strategic initiatives, leading to pragmatic solutions.
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