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Piedmont Capital

A forward-thinking firm goes beyond IT to ensure the business stays secure by partnering with an independent, expert cyber advisor.

Problem Statement

Piedmont Capital wanted to ensure their client's information and finances were protected, that the firm was compliant with the SEC and FTC cybersecurity rules, and that they were doing what was best with their technology spend for business resilience.

It's simple. A few hours of investment saves significant time.

After a brief consultation to ensure goal and outcome alignment, Adversis began understanding the business environment through a security risk assessment. This assessment examined business, technical, and procedural risks and went above and beyond the regulatory requirements.

Leveraging experience based on ethical hacking, advanced audit techniques, and pragmatic methods for assessing realistic risks, Adversis ensured the organization was compliant, had no hidden exposures, and fully understood its current state.

Through a few conversations and the translation of technical jargon into everyday language, Piedmont Capital was able to understand the purpose of its new cyber policy guidance and how to use it to ensure the team understood its responsibilities and where to refer to regarding risk questions. Business processes were reviewed to ensure that appropriate online controls were in place and to review offline processes in the event of disruption.

Adversis ran secure technical audits on workstations, network, and WiFi configurations to ensure secure configurations were in place. It also reviewed publicly accessible services and website technology for vulnerabilities. Employee emails and information were examined to ensure no weak passwords or information were exposed in dark web breaches.

With a clear understanding of its current state, gaps, and path forward, Piedmont Capital partnered with Adversis to remediate all identified issues. Adversis represented the firm's interests and worked with its vendors to strategically implement effective cybersecurity measures. Adversis implemented several secure configurations in real time where no provider was immediately available. Adversis recommended fully utilizing the capabilities of its existing security technology without expensive hardware upgrades.

Confidence. That winning feeling.

Piedmont Capital staff and leadership now worry less about cybersecurity and compliance risks through substantially lower liability and peace of mind.

They know the chance of a breach is much lower and have clear plans to respond if a breach does occur. They're rightfully confident about their business resilience and cybersecurity stance.

Partnering with Adversis was one of my firm's best business decisions.

The Adversis team did a fantastic job fortifying our cybersecurity defenses and guiding us through the complex world of cybersecurity with ease and clarity.

The team was highly skilled, professional, and simply fun to work with. The process they used is impeccable.

They took the time to learn about my business and equipped my team with the knowledge of how to keep our new security policies in practice.

My firm is small, but they really made my team feel like we got the service and quality of a Fortune 500 company.

Drew C.
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Piedmont Capital

A forward-thinking firm goes beyond IT to ensure the business stays secure by partnering with an independent, expert cyber advisor.

Scope of Work

  • Risk Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Assurance
  • Controls Validation
  • Technology Safety Training

Company size

5 — 20 employees