You deserve high quality, tailored results for your specific business and industry.

Adversis delivers.


Web Application Penetration Testing

We perform an in depth manual assessment of your web applications. Our penetration testers have performed assessments across nearly all different platforms and languages. You receive a report of actionable issues and tailored recommendations.

Network Penetration Test

Frequent network penetration tests are vital in determining where an attacker can take advantage of security vulnerabilities on your network. These assessments aim to uncover as many vulnerabilities as possible in the given scope and timeline.



Red Team Assessment

A Red Team Assessment is a simulation of a skilled adversary attack against your company with a specific goal. Typically, these engagements are tailored for organizations with a mature security program and can determine whether or not an adversary can successfully infiltrate your network and ex-filtrate your sensitive data. These tests typically include social engineering, phishing, and testing your blue team’s ability to respond to threats.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment can give you quick snapshot of the current vulnerabilities that exist within your network or perimeter. This can be an inexpensive way to drive budget decisions regarding the security of your organization.


Phishing Assessment

Phishing assessments help to train your users to become vigilant in what they click by performing recurring phishing campaigns against your organization.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Adversis will work with you to determine security gaps in your organization. Based on those gaps, we will provide you with a detailed remediation plan and road map to a proven security framework.